SURPRISE! Technology boosts test scores!

June 28, 2010

Today, Project RED (Revolutionizing Education) goes public with a study which leads off with schools that utilize one-to-one technology access (one computer per student) have higher test scores. But there are some caveats to this wholesale push for technology in schools. Leadership and vision are two essential components in technology implementation, the study found, and […]

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Technology Education

June 21, 2010

The students at Lynn Camp High School in Kentucky have been using math, art, design, and technology skills to create a massive chess set as their culminating project for 2010. It’s way cool…and way HUGE! The king is 10 feet 1 inch tall. Lynn Camp High School Culminating Project

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Instant Potatoes

June 14, 2010

The title of this post is relevant because we indeed do live in an instant mashed potatoes world. I’m not actually talking about food here, though. I’m talking about the level of instant access technology users have to information and the instant access those who market that information have to us. Take for example my […]

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Is it FBO??

June 8, 2010

Back in the dark ages, pre-Web 2.0, when everyone was pondering the value and validity of online information, it was assumed that online information was questionable at best, probably erroneous usually.Today the reality is that if it isn’t online it isn’t real. The tables have turned, the ground has shifted under our feet,  the world […]

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New English/Math Standards Released

June 7, 2010

Education has always been driven locally, but we no longer live in a localized, geographically bound, physically challenged world. For that reason, we need to develop certain standards of knowledge which give us a base of shared knowledge from which we can build that communication.

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