A Social Media Christmas

December 24, 2010

A friend sent this video of what a Social Media conversation might have looked when Christ was born if Facebook had been around, and I thought I’d share here. Of course, Social Media hardly existed in the time of Christ’s birth, but it does reflect what would/might have been said/done if it had. And it […]

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Add your own Santa

December 20, 2010

Recently I was talking with friends who have young children. One of them regaled us with a story about her two-year-old daughter’s reluctance at the prospect of sitting on Santa’s lap for a picture this year. Another echoed the experience, then explained that THIS Santa picture kiosk had offered her and other similarly distraught Moms […]

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Digital Learning NOW!

December 13, 2010

“When [students] sit in a classroom lined up in desks with a single textbook, a single lecture, and a single teacher trying to convey information to them, it shuts them down,” said Susan Patrick, president and CEO of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning. And we are shutting down these digital natives all across […]

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Am I a REAL writer yet?

December 6, 2010

Today I confirmed with Pelican Publishing a contract for Understanding i-KIDS and Understanding i-KIDS: A Workbook for Grownups. Somehow, I feel as if I have reached a benchmark that makes me more real than I was yesterday. I find among many writers this is not an unusual feeling.

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

December 3, 2010

If you’re fond of the wonderful varied geometry of snowflakes, but don’t care for the mess and work they cause on the roads and on your sidewalks, there’s a way to create virtual snowflakes in your own personal designs. Go to http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/index.html and clip away!

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