Soup’s On with Seedleaf!

May 29, 2011

It’s that time again – Soup’s On is this THIS THURSDAY, June 2nd at Woodland Christian Church starting at 6:00pm. As with every Soup’s On event, half of the seasonal soup made that night will be used to feed the hungry. When: First Thursday of the month), from 6pm – 8pm Where: Woodland Christian Church […]

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Texting and Language: A Good Fit?

May 22, 2011

Talk to most writing teachers who deal with papers turned in full of LOLs and 2nites and you’ll hear that texting is corrupting language and a degrading spelling. Parents are dumbfounded by this youth-centered dialect and wonder if it is possible that texting has any positive influence on learners’ language development. But, as an earlier […]

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Core + Arts = Learning???

May 15, 2011

Who knew??? Encouraging creativity in the arts also improves the ability to comprehend, synthesize, and integrate critical thinking skills into the learning of core content information. Excuse me, but it seems to me that everyone with half a lick of sense (and even marginal creativity) should know this. But it’s big news in Federal Education […]

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The Bell Tolls for MySpace

May 8, 2011

Many social networks are dying slow, painful and financially devastating deaths for their owners these days. Friendster recently announced it is deleting posts and pictures. And the titan of the original social networking sites MySpace, is being auctioned off by owner NewsCorp for what looks like a song to their original purchase price. In 2005, […]

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E-Days instead of Snow Days

May 1, 2011

A small Ohio county district is doing what many of us that work with distance learning and educational technology have been lobbying to get for nearly a decade: create online assignments for students to do at home when there are snow days. Heck, even without computers these can be done with handouts and given to […]

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