How the Internet Began…the truth

August 29, 2011
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Electronic Writing Tutor

August 21, 2011

Since the 1970s, writing teachers have been teaching writing through process. Nancy Atwell’s breakout book “In the Middle” showed teachers that collaboration during the writing process, during the review process, and during the editing process was one that empowered writers to really invest in their writing as a real product and not one just fabricated […]

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OK, This is Just Annoying!

August 14, 2011

At Interaction 2011, a research group at Ochanomizu University demonstrated EaTheremin which are eating utensils that make various sounds when they’re used. “The sound produced varies, depending on the resistance. When you bite the food on the end of the fork, electricity passes through your body, forming an equivalent circuit. The resistance value depends on […]

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Good Writing for Children

August 7, 2011

Good writing, especially nonfiction, is critically important as children are learning the skills and nuances of language and writing. I found this blog recently and thought I’d share. I like the sentiment and the recommendations. Enjoy!

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