Winter Forecast 2011-2012

November 27, 2011

Dick Frymire is a well-known lay weather forecaster, known as the “Doctor of Barnyard Science”.What follows is what he thinks will happen this winter. Let’s see how he does. Frymire Forecast 2011-12 forecast “Give or Take Two Days” — Oct. 20: Light frost. — Nov. 18: Killing frost. — Nov. 21: Flurries. — Nov. 24: […]

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Black Friday

November 20, 2011

Every year thousands of Americans rush to finish Thanksgiving Dinner in order to peruse ads and make maps of their trips in search of stuffing their baskets in another way than the meal provides. And it seems like every year the time stores will open rolls back another hour or so. This year, it’s actually […]

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Social Media Data Mining

November 13, 2011

You are what you post. Really. The algorithms being used to amass huge amounts of data on each of us now includes everything we do on social media. Make no mistake, Facebook has been doing this for nearly a decade, and is probably far ahead of the game in this arena. This is, and isn’t, […]

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Preschoolers and iPads?

November 6, 2011

I watched a news story last night about how many young children are being exposed to digital media and, no surprise, adopting it easily. And it didn’t surprise me one bit when a three year old was asked if she’d rather play inside on her iPad or outside on a sunny day in the park, […]

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