November 19, 2012

When we moved I knew I wanted to try to do without cable or satellite. I’m tired of exorbitant prices and nothing to watch. Five years ago we shifted to the lowest cable package ($35/mo) which got 15 or so channels. That’s been fine except for sports. We still haven’t totally resolved that problem (for […]

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Tablet Wars

November 12, 2012

Well, the new Apple mini iPad and Microsoft Surface have joined the fray with Amazon’s updated Kindles and Google’s Nexus and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. I think I am ready for a tablet, but had hoped that some (or at least one) of the new additions would meet all of my desires. Once again, I […]

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New Pets!

November 5, 2012

I’ve got over 1,000 new pets! Our dog, Ming, is paying zero attention to these new “friends” mostly because she really doesn’t realize they’re even here. These new pets are red wiggler worms. Using two rubbermaid totes, torn up black-and-white newspaper (no slick colored ads), a little finished compost from my bin (or plain old […]

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