About Me

For most of my life, I have described myself as a writer, but what I think I really meant by that was that I love information: accessing it, considering it, using it, and passing it on to others. Good knowledge is best when it is shared.

Gardening, grace and dragonflies may not sound connected, but for me they certainly are. I am an avid gardener, and volunteer for the Fayette County Extension as a Master Gardener. I landscaped my parents’ yard in Arlington Heights, IL and my homes (from one room apartments to a 7 bedroom house) have been filled with plants both inside and out.

Similarly, I have loved technology since my father brought home the neighborhood’s first color TV on Halloween, and after making the rounds for candy collection, I spent the evening mesmerized by the changing hues of Hoss, Adam and Little Joe as I fiddled with the dials. Seeing my pre-adolescent heartthrobs turn purple, green and a very strange peachy-yellow (the sugar high probably helped) propelled me to a career engaging in and commenting on issues that relate to embedding technology into our daily lives.

As author of two books on digital society and citizenship, Understanding i-KIDS and Understanding i-KIDS: A Workbook for Grownups, keynote speaker to conferences across the country, and professional development consultant, on technology access, digital citizenship and virtual culture I am at once engaged and enthralled with the opportunities technology affords, and a little concerned about all that access as well.

And everything my life thus far has taught me has brought me to a place of grace. I am comfortable with who I am. A love of tried-and-true wisdom combined with the cutting-edge technology to add ease and speed to older methods and I’m all about it. Throw in the rational, commonsense ways to use these strategies to save money and I’m a very happy camper. But most of all, I love to share. I must have had a wonderful Kindergarten teacher.

Whether providing an entertaining and eye-opening plenary presentation, authoring relevant publication and commentary about the intricacies of life today, or working collaboratively to develop policy and programs, I have a proven track record of opening minds and developing strategies that work.

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