Understanding i-KIDS Book

This primer for anyone who works with youth today empowers and engages you in the wonderful rewards technology has for all of us, while also recognizing the risks that lurk in cyberspace. This book moves you from being a digital immigrant (those 19+ who still view technology as a tool) closer to seeing the digital world like the digital natives (18 +under) so you can become the mentor, role model, and monitor in the virtual world that you strive to be in the face-to-face (F2F) world. Order yours TODAY!



Understanding i-KIDS:
A Workbook for Grownups

Digital Citizenship means understanding and learning to live responsibly in the world we inhabit today: a blended virtual and physical environment. Understanding i-KIDS guides you through each of the eight areas of citizenship for this new digital society, providing lists of books, websites, videos, skills, strategies and activities you can use with colleagues, with students, or just to expand your understanding of i-KIDS!

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