Doris, your keynote at the 2009 National Youth At Risk Forum in Myrtle Beach hit the ball out of the park! I’d love to find a way to mandate that every conference participant attend your session!

Linda Shirley, National Dropout Prevention Center

I am pleased to recommend The Virtual Parent written by my long time friend and colleague, Doris Settles, who was speaking about internet safety before it was fashionable or funded. Her book gives solid advice to digital immigrants (parents) on how to understand and monitor digital natives (kids). Her insights help allay parent’s fears, navigate the complexities, and refocus on the positive aspects of the virtual world.

Dr. Stephen Sroka, President, Health Education Consultants

Doris, once again–THANK YOU!!!–for all your hard work. The kids are still talking about how much fun they had and how much they learned last Friday.

Vickie Buckman, Green County High School Teacher

I have attended several presentations by Doris Settles, and participated in the Ohio County Change of Heart training where she was a co-trainer. Doris is a PRO! The subject matter is so pertinent and she olds the audience’s attention throughout a full day of training. I would highly recommend her to all coordinators anywhere.

Debbie Gilstrap, Ohio County Schools

Doris came to McLean County in the Fall of 2007. She spoke to our middle and high school students, then did a parent presentation. Her presentation is very good and very eye-opening. It was scary seeing how many of our middle school kids had talked to someone on the Internet they did not know. I would recommend this presentation to any school, anywhere.

Becky Atherton, McLean County Schools Coordinator

I have been fortunate enough to attend several of your trainings, Doris, and they were awesome! Internet safety is more than just an educational issue, and you understand that and engage youth, parents, educators and the community to work together and create a safe, responsible culture both online and off.

Carolyn Heckman, Jefferson County Technology Coordinator

The work Doris does to help schools use technology safely and effectively has had a very positive effect on our students and school. I value the dedication to finding better and more effective ways to capture student attention about the value as well as risks of technology use and abuse.

Jimmy Adams, Jessamine County Public Schools

I’ve attended and contracted many sessions done by Doris Settles and am always amazed at the depth and breadth of her understanding of how technology is impacting our world in both positive and negative ways.

Maxine Reid, Regional Kentucky FRC Coordinator

I have been fortunate to work with Doris in various roles as a leader and trainer for many years. A dynamic speaker and prolific writer, Doris has applied her considerable intellectual abilities to understanding and explaining the advantages as well as dangers of the cyber world. Always a unique and passionate personality, Doris explains how to use advanced technologies to improve the condition of peoples’ lives. She is a charismatic person who has a profound positive influence on other people.

Jennifer Watson, GenNow Consulting

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