Don’t Let Black Friday Ruin Christmas

November 22, 2014

This week is the supposed “beginning” of the Christmas shopping season. For decades, the day after Thanksgiving, now known as Black Friday, was the rush to the stores to see the Christmas decorations, pick up your own new decor for the holidays, and get a leg up on your Christmas shopping. Today, when radio stations […]

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November 19, 2012

When we moved I knew I wanted to try to do without cable or satellite. I’m tired of exorbitant prices and nothing to watch. Five years ago we shifted to the lowest cable package ($35/mo) which got 15 or so channels. That’s been fine except for sports. We still haven’t totally resolved that problem (for […]

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Facebook “Likes” reveal creditworthiness?

April 22, 2012

Social networks are now being used by some lenders to evaluate whether you’re likely to pay them back. The New York Observer reports that, while this methodology is still a few years away from common use by major banks, smaller institutions such as microlender Lenddo already use an algorithm based on input from a person’s […]

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Myths About Student Learning

February 26, 2012

Learning styles aside, traditional education has given birth to many misconceptions about what a “good” and “effective” learning environment looks like. A new study by the Independent Curriculum Group shoots down at least seven of them.

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Word Problem

February 12, 2012

Recently, I spent two full days revising and finishing the first draft of a technology book for kids. I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome, and decided I would read it in my critique group meeting the following evening. I saved (as I had been doing every 5 minutes or so throughout), closed the document, […]

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