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National Dropout Prevention  Youth at Risk Keynote

Clemson Interview with Doris Settles on Cyberbullying

Storytelling at Storyteller\’s Cafe


Content and scope can be customized to your needs. Conference Plenary or Keynote presentations on these topics can be directed to local, regional or national audiences.

Understanding i-KIDS Professional Development

1 hour Skype Q&A Discussion
with purchase of 25
Understanding i-KIDS Book Sets

2day u cn rite n spk txt. While some of you had to take a moment to decipher the first sentence, most teens read it as if it was Standard Written English. Marshall McLuhan said “The Medium is the Message” and in today’s blended graphical/textual/visual/auditory world both physical and virtual, that means our options have expanded dramatically. As the “digital immigrants”, it is imperative we learn how to encourage youth to be good citizens online and off.
•How do youth and adults view and use technology differently?
•What is Web 2.0 and what does it mean for me?
•The components of Digital Citizenship
•Strategies to keep kids safe online and offline

Digital Citizenship Professional Development (F2F or Virtual)

1 hour Skype Q&A Discussion
with purchase of 25
Understanding i-KIDS Book Sets

America is pushing for more, faster, broader access to technology access in education. While I am a strong proponent of integrating technology into how we teach and learn, we need to make sure there is a strong and relevant link between what technology is used, when, and why. More technology does not necessarily make for better education. Participants will be taken through a pedagogical understanding of the differences between the two very different outcome emphases of education today, and how technology works (and doesn’t work) for each.


Technology offers many wonderful benefits for us all. And technology offers many frightening possibilities that should give us pause. How do we blend the known PL (physical life) safeguards with the unknown, unedited and unlimited VL (virtual life) safely, responsibly and beneficially for us and for our children? One hour multi-media school assemblies for middle and high school students/staff, and community presentations that facilitate conversations and activities between youth and adults raise awareness and provide direction. Real life illustrations from the Web are used throughout the presentations, including local online student activity illustrations.


Embracing Your Inner Crone

None of us has had practice becoming older, and then suddenly…there we are. Facing the challenges, realities and shocks aging has in store for us is a task best handled with humor and together. A gifted storyteller, this many-times taboo topic among women is approached with a face-forward (wrinkles and all) determination that will help you transition into your crone-ness with joy, power and peace.

Writing the Expert Book

Each of us is an expert in something. We have a voice, a story, an insight into the world that is unique and personal. It is said that there is a book in each of us…and I couldn’t agree more.

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